2019 Patrice Béguet Pet Nat I’m forever Blowing Bubbles

2019 Patrice Béguet Pet Nat I’m forever Blowing Bubbles

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2 in stock 1.33 kg .


This is essentially Patrice’s Fresh Impressions white that was bottled before the finish of fermentation to create a pétillant naturel. Fruit is hand harvested from Organic or Biodynamic vineyards in Alsace (50% Pinot Gris), Mont Vontoux (20% Grenache Blanc), Loire (20% Melon de B.) and Jura (10% Ploussard). 80% was direct press and 20% underwent maceration, all in stainless. Indigenous yeast fermentation at low temps and no filtration or Sulphites.
Fruit salad, Josephine pear, savour, light and refreshing. Very delicate mousse bead. It’s floral but has a tiny reductive funk you get from the ploussard that adds complexity. So well balanced and artfully blended. Very delicious style of wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously but makes you sit up and listen.

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