2018 Domaine Fontaine Gagnard Bourgogne White

2018 Domaine Fontaine Gagnard Bourgogne White

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Domaine Fontaine-Gagnard
Regional White 750 ml
Score: 86
Tasted: Jun 10, 2020
Drink: 2021+
Issue: 79
Producer note: Richard Fontaine’s daughter Céline, who is progressively taking over the domaine, described the 2018 growing season as one that was “relatively easy except for the very beginning where we were worried about another year with frost damage. After that passed us by with almost no damage it was largely free sailing. The flowering passed quickly and uniformly with virtually no shatter which naturally led to an abundant fruit set. The summer though was hot and dry enough to engender some hydric stress and particularly so amongst the younger vines which have less well-developed root systems. Indeed about the only way that the young vines got by was due to the morning dew that gave the vines just enough water to survive without losing their leaves This was especially true here in Chassagne as the commune as the few storms that hit the Côte de Beaune seemed to routinely bypass us. We chose to begin picking on the 29th of August and brought in good yields in red and very good yields in white. This is to say that the reds ranged from 30 to 45 hl/ha and the whites ranged from 50 to 60 hl/ha as there were a lot of bunches with a lot of grapes per bunch. The fruit was spotless and ripe with strong potential alcohols of 12.2 to 13% in white and a bit higher in red at around 13.5%. One of the interesting things about the vinifications is that we used our typical conversion rate of 17.5 grams of sugar to produce 1 degree of alcohol per liter but in 2018 it was an incredibly low 16.2 grams! [The official mandated conversion rate is 16.83 grams/liter though few rely on this as it typically is too low.] As to the wines, they’re definitely less elegant than the 2017s be they red or white. On the other hand, they’re also much more powerful and serious and in particular the reds should prove to be relatively long-lived.” Fontaine noted that the whites were bottled in August 2019. (JAO Wine Imports, www.jaowineimports.com, VA, Polaner Selections, www.polanerselections.com, NY, Los Angeles Wine Company, www.lawineco.com, CA, all USA; Diva Beaune S.A.S., www.divawine.com, Beaune, France; John Armit Wines, www.armit.co.uk, Decorum Vintners, www.decvin.com, Bibendum Wine Ltd., www.bibendum-wine.co.uk, Lay & Wheeler, www.laywheeler.com, Berry Brothers & Rudd, www.bbr.com, Private Cellar Ltd., www.privatecellar.co.uk, Howard Ripley, www.howardripley.com, Laytons, www.laytons.co.uk, O.W. Loeb, www.owloeb.com, Private Cellar Ltd., www.privatecellar.co.uk and Majestic Wine Warehouses, www.majestic.co.uk, all UK).
Tasting note: Ripe aromas of straw, white orchard fruit and a background whiff of citrus introduce nicely voluminous and delicious flavors that exhibit reasonable depth and persistence for a wine of this level. To enjoy young.

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