2017 Pierre Cotton Beaujolais Brouilly

2017 Pierre Cotton Beaujolais Brouilly

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pierre is the next in line of a very long number of generations of winemakers in the Sanvers & Cotton families. the family run
Domaine, and the family home, sit smack-bang, mid-slope, right in the middle of the hill side known as the Côte de brouilly, the highest and most visually spectacular of all of the beaujolais’ crus. pierre has brouilly in his veins, and he knows the trials and tribulations of working on this heroic hill-side, so steep it is scary to walk up, let alone work on the small bush vines scattered upon it. but pierre did not rest on the previous generation; he left,
explored, learned, working for winemakers all across France.
During his travels, he confirmed his desire to pursue natural
viticulture and make natural wines, departing from the family traditions up to now. he now has an incredibly exciting future ahead and a desire to make zero-entrant wines, but with lots of responsiblity should he eventually take over the family Domaine. we think he is a bit of a star in the making, and a great young bloke with a curious mind and courageous heart

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