2016 Dry River Martinborough Craighall Riesling

2016 Dry River Martinborough Craighall Riesling

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Much has been said about the challenges faced for the 2015 vintage; high winds at flowering time, low crops, a drought throughout summer, followed again by severe wind during véraison.  Despite this, or more because of this, we have eagerly been anticipating the wines from this vintage since they show distinction and personality.  Though we still have to wait a while for the red wines, we can now conclude and judge on all of our white wines.

Looking at wine from the vineyard perspective, aromatics and phenolics (partly responsible for a textural component) stem from different pathways. The first largely depends on nutrient uptake and availability by the vine, the latter is largely influenced by climatic factors, fundamentally by ambient temperature and exposure to light. However, there is a common denominator that affects both: water and its availability. Nutrient uptake is facilitated by, but not limited to, water. However, a lack of this will favour phenolic advancement. Therefore, with the absence of water, both are affected in different and opposite ways. I believe this is exactly what we have seen with our wines from 2015. The wines show great density, weight and texture, though express more earth and savoury characters rather than an abundance of familiar aromatics.

As our yields were down significantly, many varieties of the 2015 vintage will be in short supply. We therefore expect them to sell out quickly.

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