2016 Craiglee Eadie’s Block Shiraz

2016 Craiglee Eadie’s Block Shiraz

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The vines are planted across what was once two distinct family farms and the younger block is named after one of those families. The Eadie’s were a Scottish family of stonemasons who tried their hands at growing mulberries for silkworms, apple trees and grapevines from the 1860s. Unfortunately, without irrigation, their efforts did not survive during drought and they instead turned their attention to building a water-powered mill on the creek that traverses the property and ground wheat to feed the growing population of Melbourne.

For this limited release we decided to make a wine exclusively from grapes from our younger vines from the Eadie’s Block. From Pat Carmody:

“I think the reason for making this wine is to isolate the younger vines and see how they perform separate to the older block. As they mature they will find their way in to the main blend.”

The 2016 Eadie’s Block Shiraz is a medium (almost crimson) red with savoury notes of black pepper and spice on the nose. The palate is savoury with oak overtones, a firm finish and medium body.

Gary Walsh, The Wine Front has previously said: ‘I’d have Craiglee on my list of Australia’s best Shiraz for sure, except they’re such quiet achievers, you might forget to add them.’

2016 vintage marked the 153rd anniversary of the Craiglee vineyard’s founding in 1863, and 40 years since winemaker Pat Carmody replanted – an incredible legacy that is virtually unmatched in Australia. Pat and Dianne Carmody have now been at the forefront of the modern Victorian wine scene for more than 40 years, and still make standout wines.




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