2014 Maison Bouchard Montrachet

2014 Maison Bouchard Montrachet

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Maison Bouchard Père & Fils
Grand Cru White 750 ml
Score: 96
Tasted: Jun 15, 2016
Drink: 2026+
Issue: 63
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Note: from a .89 ha parcel of Puligny vines
Producer note: Winemaker Frédéric Weber spent plenty of time discussing the nuances of the 2014 vintage and growing season, noting that “the winter was very mild, in fact we had the warmest one since 1900. Not surprisingly the vegetative cycle began very early and a cool north wind made sure that the vines suffered no disease pressure. The early June flowering passed without incidence and there was a relatively abundant fruit set. Throughout the month of June we were dreaming of the possibility of making another 1999 and then the 28th arrived with the widespread hailstorm and all such thoughts were instantly destroyed along with a great deal of the potential crop. In 2013 we lost about one-third of the potential crop whereas in 2014 it was more in the range of 40 to 45%. In fact it was the smallest crop here at Bouchard since 2003. In early July the direction of the wind changed from the north to the southwest and lousy weather followed the winds except for a few days that were so hot that some parcels suffered sun burned fruit. Happily the second half of August and virtually all of September changed once again for the better and conditions were not only near-perfect but again there was virtually no disease pressure because the small amount of rot that developed in August was dried by the prevailing north wind. It also helped that there weren’t many berries on each bunch so the fruit was well-aerated. We chose to begin picking the pinot on the 11th of September but waited until the 14th to attack the chardonnay. The chardonnay was impeccably clean and potential alcohols were in the 12 to 13.5% range with good acid levels. In contrast to the relatively quick malos for the pinot, those for the chardonnay were extended. As is our usual practice we did zero bâtonnage and we used no new wood whatsoever. As to the style of the 2014 whites, they remind me a great deal of the 2008s which in my book is an excellent compliment.” Weber noted that the villages wines were bottled in September 2015 followed by the 1ers in November and the grands crus in December. (Henriot, Inc., www.henriotinc.com, NY, NY; John E. Fells and Sons, www.fells.co.uk, UK).
Tasting note: Though there is a hint of unabsorbed SO2 present on the otherwise expressive and actually quite elegant nose that features notes of lemon rind, spiced pear, white peach and plenty of floral scents. The serious and striking rich flavors are imposingly scaled as well as impressively concentrated and while obvious overtly powerful, they are also seductively textured before culminating in an explosive yet impeccably well-balanced finish. As is usually the case, this is a big but refined Montrachet that will require a full decade plus to arrive at its full

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