2014 Le Temps Des Cerises Un Pas De Cote

2014 Le Temps Des Cerises Un Pas De Cote

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Un Pas de Côté is a dark purple wine that has a beautiful, soft tannin structure with complexity coming from the quality of grapes used.

While it used to be a pure Grenache in previous vintages, in 2014 it is 40% Merlot, 40% Grenache and 20% of a blend of Cinsault, Aramon and Carignan (Aramon is a grape that is native to the region).

The vines grow on granitic quartz soils and the minerality is pronounced. The grapes undergo carbonic maceration for a period of two weeks.

Axel Prüfer was born and raised in East Germany but moved to France as a young man to take up a career in wine making.

He produces delicious wines naturally with as little intervention as possible – many of his wines have no added sulphur. In fact, on a visit to his winery we tried one of his cuvees which had been bottled without sulphur and one that had been bottled with minimal amounts of sulphur and the result was simply amazing. The one without sulphur stood head and shoulders above the other for freshness, vitality and flavour.

He has been described as a ‘darling of the natural wine bar movement’. He is a quiet, thoughtful and engaging young winemaker who is totally committed to producing non-interventionist wines.


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