2009 Yannick Amirault La Petite Cave Saint Nicolas De Bourgeuil

2009 Yannick Amirault La Petite Cave Saint Nicolas De Bourgeuil

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Yannick Amirault: Bourgueil & Saint Nicholas de Bourgueil

Bourgueil is located west of Tours in the western part of the Loire Valley. Bourgueil is situated on the northern side of the Loire , across the river from Chinon, and represents one of the northern-most appellations for growing red grape varieties in France. There are a variety of soil types here with the biggest and most cellar-worthy wines generally coming from the best vineyards on the slopes located further away from the Loire to the north and north-east of the town of Bourgueil. The vineyards on the flat gravelly river soils closer to the Loire yield wines which are usually aromatic, elegant and earlier to mature.

Amirault has about 13 hectares of vineyard holdings in Bourgueil, mostly located on, or just at, the base of these slopes to the north and northeast of the village of Bourgueil. He also has 6 hectares in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. Even in abundant years the yields are kept very low by doing a green harvest so the quality and consistency at this estate is remarkable. 2006 was a year that also benefited the late ripening Cabernet Franc but only those growers who worked hard to control the yields have gained the benefits. Amirault’s average yield in 2003 + 2004 was 44 hl/ha compared to authorized yields of 55 hl/ha for Bourgueil and 60 hl/ha for Saint Nicholas de Bourgueil.

All vinifications are made with indigenous yeasts with no acid or sugar adjustment. All wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered

This wine is produced from old vines averaging more than 45 years old which are located around the middle of the slope on the best soils. The wine is matured in 450 litre “demi-muid” barrels and is the richest and deepest wine in his cellar. In great years like 1997 and 2003 the wine is a thick almost impenetrable black colour with amazing concentration and depth of mulberry and black raspberry fruit with anise and spice notes that linger for ages. This is a wine that shows very well at a relatively young age in ripe years like 2006, and which will also age effortlessly for decades. This wine has remarkable depth of fruit supported by substantial fine tannins .

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